Improved protection for the frontline

The Aero|Guard  provides additional protection during the intubation, extubation and endoscopic processes. The patent-pending, collapsible design allows ease in storing, sanitizing, and shipping while offering greater versatility & mobility in the Operating Room, ICU or ER.  COMING SOON! Aero|Guard will be offering improved dentistry protections.


Improving on a
well-known design

As the coronavirus spread across the United States, health care workers were faced with increasingly harrowing circumstances. They needed protection: fast and effective.

Glued seams can crack, presenting an area for contagions to collect. Large aerosol boxes take up a lot of valuable space. The Aero|Guard  is neither glued nor bulky. It comes together quickly with our patent-pending tab and pin design, offering a more secure and mobile design for when & where you need it.

When combined with other essential PPE, the Aero|Guard helps contain the aerosols generated during endotracheal intubation & extubation, dentistry, and endoscopic procedures.  Its patent pending, collapsible design allows mobility, flexibility and increased sanitation.

Designed with the average American in mind, the Aero|Guard will accommodate larger patients.

Get ready for a safer return to work.

Open doors hands-free with a simple installation.

Maintain the distance with our customized sneeze guards.

From our safe workplace to yours.

Flexible protection

Our patent-pending design allows for easy transport & storage, and an easier, more effective cleaning process. Each piece can be taken apart and cleaned prior to the box’s next use. 

The collapsible design also makes the box versatile: the Aero|Guard has left or right side ventilation port capability. And mobile: the Aero|Guard can easily be moved from room to room. And stable: the “sleds” at the bottom can be removed if needed, but help the Aero|Guard stay in place when in use.

Aero|Guards Donated

For every 10 Aero|Guards ordered, one will be donated to the organization of your choice, including your own!

The Aero|Guard provides additional protection to healthcare personnel during the intubation & extubation processes and during endoscopic procedures. Its unique, collapsible design allows ease in storing, sanitizing, and set up while offering greater versatility in the OR, ICU and ER.

Made of polycarbonate and available in Gold Standard (.188″) for endoscopy and intubation, the Aero|Guard is easily disassembled, sanitized, and stored.

COMING SOON: the Aero|Guard Dental Solutions box.

All Aero|Guard products must be properly cleaned before each use following proper medical device cleaning procedures. 

Aero|Guard is intended to be used in connection with appropriate personal protective equipment and other workplace and health risk precautionary procedures and is not an absolute guarantee of health safety.

Aero|Guard is sold only for professional use by trained health care workers and is not sold or intended for consumer use.

From our hospital to yours.

Designed by a healthcare provider, the Aero|Guard – when used with other essential personal protective equipment – may reduce the risk of contagion. 

Fluorescent dye expelled from a simulated patient cough that ended up on the laryngoscopist.