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Airway management considerations in patients with COVID-19

Trisha McCauley, WWMT

Praveen Chahar, MD, FCARCSI, Sidharth Dugar, MD and Donn Marciniak, MD

Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine May 2020


The aim of intubation is to rapidly secure the airway and minimize aerosol generation. Use of barrier devices, such as screens and intubation boxes (Figure 1), should be considered to prevent cross infection during intubation.3 A plastic sheet can be used if a screen and intubation box are not available.

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John Barry, President of Schupan Aluminum & Plastic Sales is interviewed by Trisha McCauley of WWMT, May 6, 2020.

West Michigan company creates box to protect employees working with COVID-19 patients

Trisha McCauley, WWMT

Schupan Aluminum & Plastic Sales in Kalamazoo manufactured an acrylic box called Aero|Guard that fits around a patient’s head and is designed to stop the spread of potential COVID-19 particles during invasive procedures like hooking someone up to a ventilator.

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Lifesaving innovation crafted by WMU engineering alum

Erin Flynn, WMU News

It started with a social media post from a friend. Brady Beauchamp, a local nurse anesthetist and clinical instructor for the WMU Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine, posted a link to an article about an aerosol box designed by a Taiwanese doctor to protect health professionals from aerosolized COVID-19 droplets while intubating and extubating patients. Beauchamp was looking for help building a box to help protect himself and his co-workers.

“I can’t sew, so this was my way of helping during this time of need,” says Bornhorst, a 2009 alumnus of Western Michigan University’s mechanical engineering program. “I was looking for a way to lend my skill and resources to help others during this pandemic…” Read more.

Bornhurst developed a versatile hook and slot design that is currently patent-pending.

Michigan Governor Whitmer includes Aero|Guard in Press Conference

Friday, May 1

Medicine, engineering, and production came together quickly in Kalamazoo to produce intubation boxes

April 29, 2020

Intubation is the process of inserting a flexible tube into a  person’s airway, typically to connect to a ventilator that helps the person breathe.
If the patient coughs or sneezes during the process he or she can spray aerosolized droplets and germs into the air. That is particularly hazardous for doctors, nurses, and other medical team members using the process to treat people during the current coronavirus outbreak. Read more.

CRNA, Brady Beauchamp, demonstrates the use of the Aero|Guard.

Guy Gordan interview with John Barry

April 22, 2020

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News Talk 760 | WJR-AM Guy Gordon

April 22, 2020 – Listen to Guy Gordon’s interview with president of Schupan Aluminum & Plastic Sales, John Barry. Barry discusses the origins and benefits of the Aero|Guard.

Bronson to Put Locally Produced Intubation Box to Use in Caring for Patients with COVID-19

April 13, 2020

Bronson worked with design team to ensure the proper sizing of the box and armholes. In addition, Bronson recently collaborated with Schupan and Brady Beauchamp to produce an instructional video, which will be used to train staff. Bronson has 10 of the new boxes ready for use with patients who have COVID-19 and expects to have a total of 23 ready for use by Friday, April 17. Read more…

Brady Beauchamp, CRNA, demonstrates how the Aero|Guard works.
Fred Upton, in a 2018 visit to Schupan Aluminum & Plastic Sales.

Congressman Fred Upton
Press Release

April 9, 2020

Schupan Aluminum can now produce shields for health workers installing the ventilators on patients.  A great story that I am also sharing with the White House as a credit to ingenuity right here in SW Michigan. Read more…

Schupan makes collapsible intubation box for Michigan hospitals

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (WILX) — A supply company in Kalamazoo is producing an intubation box that will shield healthcare providers from COVID-19 patients.

Schupan Aluminum and Plastic Sales in Kalamazoo created the intubation box along with mechanical engineer Andy Bornhorst to help Michigan hospitals. Read more…

Kalamazoo company makes 'cube' to protect hospital staff from COVID-19

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (WOOD) — A Kalamazoo company is working to manufacture an acrylic box that would give doctors and nurses an extra layer of protection against COVID-19.

Schupan Aluminum and Plastic Sales is making the boxes, which are meant to shield virus droplets from medical professionals as they put in breathing tubes. Read more…