Why Aero|Guard?

You know us already.

But you might not know our name. Schupan Aluminum & Plastic Sales has been manufacturing custom parts for the medical industry for 40 years.  This is what we do.  We have the talent. We have the access to material. We have the design. And we’re ready to serve.

We teamed up with engineers and doctors to provide the added protection our essential medical staff needs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Initially, our team of medical professionals and engineers custom-designed the Aero|Guard for our Kalamazoo, Michigan hospitals. As the pandemic worsened, we realized that more medical personnel could benefit, and Aero|Guard was born.


Marc Schupan, Schupan & Sons CEO, with John Barry, President of Schupan Aluminum & Plastic Sales

A company with heart.

A leader in the community known for its philanthropic measures, Schupan & Sons, Inc. was founded in 1968 initially as an industrial metals recycling company.

Now with 15 locations throughout the midwest and with five  divisions, Schupan’s global footprint includes manufacturing & distribution, asset management, materials trading, beverage container recycling and industrial recycling.

Our employees actively contribute to the communities where they live and work. Schupan encourages and promotes that kind of heart. 

Rarely are we given the opportunity to help so many during such a terrible time, but here we are. And we’re here for you.


Designed by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals.

The intubation box was originally designed by a Taiwanese doctor, Lai Hsien-yung, an anesthesiologist at Mennonite Christian Hospital in Taiwan. Dr. Lai shared his design so that others who were fighting the COVID-19 outbreak could construct their own boxes and put them to use.

Kalamazoo nurse anesthetist, Brady Beauchamp, reached out to his friend, Andy Bornhorst, a mechanical engineer. The two developed the new design that uses interlocking pieces, unlike the original, which was glued together. The interlocking design allows for easier storage, transport and cleaning. Partnering with Schupan Aluminum and Plastic Sales, they were able to get their new design from prototype to production.

We are now pleased to offer the same quality & protection to gastroenterology with the Aero|Guard Endoscopy Solutions.

We Love You, Kalamazoo!

Video filmed by Kzoom for Humans of Kalamazoo. April 13, 2020